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    Желаете получить информацию о том, где можно найти и СКАЧАТЬ не отходя от своего компьютера бесплатные журналы, обзоры, научные и аналитические статьи, статистические данные, книги, учебники, официальные документы государственных органов? Тогда воспользуйтесь нашим новым сервисом "Полезная ссылка"!

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1 Taking the Big Step to the Virtual Library. What the Virtual Library Really Means for Public Libraries
2 Teaching Beyond the Walls: Reaching Out to Library Users in the Networked Environment
3 Ten Years of Offering Electronic Publications through EMIS (European Mathematical Information Service)
4 Teхнология построения авторитетного файла предметных рубрик в ИНИОН РАН
5 The "Republic of Moldova" between transition, globalisation and European integration
6 The Academic Libraries Union Authority File: from initial works on authority files to their utilisation in Polish academic libraries
7 The Digitization of the Greek Culture and History Challenges the Library Community in Greece
8 The EC's Fifth Framework Programme: Latest Cultural Heritage Result
9 The Electronic Journals Library. Strategic ideas of an international project
10 The Electronic Library of Congress of the 21st Century
11 The Genoa Project: Two Institutions Cooperating on Availability and Diffusion of Territorial Bibliographical Resources
12 The hospitality of the swedish classification system and comparisons with Dewey and UDC
13 The Illustrated Book for the Blind
14 The large and the small: the importance of standards
15 The Management of Web Page Dynamics in Web Catalogs - the Phantom Web Page Problem
16 The meaning of early and lately hospital rehabilitation scald patients on restoring optimal hand functions
17 The Nature of Central Peak of Light Scattering in Glass-Like Media
18 The Newsagent for Libraries Electronic Current Awareness Service for Information Professionals - Extracting Useful Metadata from Electronic Records
19 The Next Generation: "Science Direct"
20 The origins of societal polarization and elite fragmentation in Slovakia at the second part of 20-th century
21 The portraits of noted personalities of the English revolution in the Alupka collection of the Vorontsovs
22 The Prospects Of The Baltic-Black Sea Cooperation
23 The Role of Character Sets in Library Automation. The Development of 8-bit Sets and Unicode
24 The role of speed as a physical property in the guard's professional competence
25 The School Library - The Information Center of the School
26 The Structural Background of a Professional Digitisation Project
27 The Tacis Russian State Library Information Project Aims, activities, intended results
28 The USA has planned AMD. Analisis of possibilities and aftermaths.
29 The Value of the Electronic Books: a Prospective from Ovid Technologies
30 The World Wide Web and the Internet Revolution
31 Thermally Stimulated Luminescence of Radiation-Induced Defects in the Glasses of CaO-Ga2O3-GeO2 System
32 Towards the efficient near-infrared luminescent lanthanide (III) complexes
33 Training loadings of highly skilled body builders

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