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Selecting an automated library system in 2000

Selecting an automated library system in 2000 [Электронный ресурс] / A. Hopkinson — (Библиотеки и ассоциации в меняющемся мире: новые технологии и новые формы сотрудничества: 7-я Междунар. конф. "Крым 2000": Материалы конф). — 2000. — Т. 1 — англ.
Описание         Selecting an integrated library system has become more difficult over the last decade even though more systems are now available. Systems architecture and viable options have become more complex and choices made by the library may depend on or be negated by institutional policies which can be changed without recourse to the views of the library staff. Client server architecture gives more possibilities but more difficult decisions. Standards like national cataloguing rules, MARC, Z39.50 have to be taken into account and may make some systems unsuitable. Library systems expect many modules, cataloguing, opac (including links to electronic resources), acquisitions circulation, serials control. Distance learners have special requirements and library users are becoming more empowered: they may want to make reservations for books in the library or inter-library loans from home. They may want to link from the library or even from their own homes into remotely-held CD-ROM databases or databases on the webrestricted to users in their own institutions. They may want to search a group of library catalogues at once. The internet means one big world computer network, one huge electronic library. It is in its infancy and will change creating a situation in flux. Library systems are usually developed cheaply. Most libraries cannot develop their own and have to choose a commercial system from a list of systems of which none may be perfect. Given you will not get the perfect system or even all of the options outlined above, how do you go about deciding which one to have?The paper will give information on the procedures you must undertake, the research you will need to do and the documentation including the 'Request for proposals' you will need to produce to make your selection. This will enable you to ensure a good commitment from your chosen supplier to provide what has been promised in replies to your Request for Proposals.
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